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In this project, I have drawn inspiration from three poems written by two of my favorite poets: Abbie Young and Felicia Greenwell. I love exploring different illustration styles and playing with the relationship between illustration and typography. So, rather than confining each poem to one style, I decided to give each poem a unique personality that reflects the moods and themes. For a realistic view of the designs, I gave them each a spread in the same book as well as their own additional applications that suited their styles. A poetry slam flyer, a poster, and a postcard shows how the versatility of poetry can inspire people in different settings. Reading a book alone, attending an event, or sending someone words that you resonated with, are all ways to stay connected and remember that someone else out there has felt what you feel. Now, more than ever, we need to reach out and share our love so that we can empower each other to stay hopeful.
While You Wait
Please Bury Me
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